Above is another of my Guthrie and Ghani goodies- a beautiful summer dress pattern by Colette, called Hazel. I can't wait to give it a go! B u t, before I begin, I thought I'd have a go at Sorbetto, a pattern that is FREE  to download from the Colette website (click here <) . To the left are my first ever darts (!), a simple technique that help to shape a garment, here giving shape to the bust. I'm pleased with the finished top, but next time (yes, there may be a next time, in real fabric!) I think I'll extend the hem by a few inches (3, 4 or 5...) as I think it's a little short. Right, onwards to my lovely little dress!!

My Colette fabric jigsaw begins!! The pattern is lovely and comes with an illustrated booklet that talks you through the pattern, step by step, giving handy hints along the way. This is so much fun!!

Okay, so here is the bottom part of the dress so far. I've gathered the waistband to give the skirt part some shape and the giant pockets are now in place (a girl needs giant pockets)... I think the trickiest part is going to be inserting the 'invisible' zip, but I'll have a good go! The trick is to get the needle as close to the zipper teeth as possible (easier said than done). Stitch by stitch...
Wohoo!! I did it! Here is the finished dress; I'm so pleased:) I love it when you see things coming together and you realise that you're actually going to have a finished garment- who would've thought it!! The dress is a lovely shape and really is quite a practical summer dress. 

Deep breath... real fabric here I come!!


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