This is the first pattern that I've made from my Great British Sewing Bee book, the lovely Tea Dress (p138). I downloaded and printed the pattern at home and then once again, used calico to have a go at my first dress! The 'invisible' zip was the biggest challenge (yes, my zip isn't quite invisible!!), but that may be because I don't have an invisible zipper foot. The dress is a lovely shape though and surprisingly, fits me very well! (Watch this space for my calico photo shoot snaps that we hope to take this weekend!) The cap sleeves were quite fiddly but the neckline is such a lovely shape. The pattern suggest sewing two little buttons to each shoulder to, which I think would be really sweet. My husband, Will, has been encouraging me to have a go with one of my 'real' fabrics soon- perhaps this will be the shape!....


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    Laura Holmes

    Hello and welcome to Duck-Egg Blue! I love to make things and I especially love to make things using a needle and thread. We have a craft room at home, which I spend far too little time in, but things are about to change. With the beginning of my new blog is the beginning of a sewing revival in my life. Sew (!), in a bid to increase my stitching productivity and to encourage others to likewise delight in this or other similar crafts, I hereby declare my Holmes made blog o p e n for public view!
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