Goodness me, what a fantastic day!! Mr Holmes and I set out on a Sewing Bee adventure this weekend to join in the opening party of Guthrie and Ghani, a brand new fabric, yarn and haberdashery shop owned by finalist Lauren and her husband. There was such a lovely crowd at the shop and a real sense of celebration as the store was opened for the first time. It really is such a beautiful shop, full of gorgeous stock- fabric, buttons, stunning patterns... and there's a wonderful open studio upstairs, which will be hosting a series of exciting looking workshops over the next few months. If only we lived just a little bit nearer by (did I mention that the shop is in Birmingham!)...

Lauren, her husband and the rest of the team did a wonderful job of welcoming their visitors for the first time! Lauren didn't stop cutting fabric, signing books and having her photograph taken for the whole time that we were there!! Good work! She must be delighted that so many others are sharing in her excitement about their new business venture. WHAT a fantastic job they have done renovating the shop; it really is lovely. Check out their website and online shop Guthrie and Ghani.
Having read Tilly's blog before we arrived I knew that she would be visiting during the day, so who can blame me for sneaking a quick introduction and photo with her to! It was lovely to meet her and she did a sterling job of supporting Lauren at the cutting table; snip, snip,snip!! She was even wearing her very own Mathilde blouse (you can download the pattern on her website).
Stuart was great at welcoming the crowds as well- he looked like he was having a fantastic day! Go on then, let's have a photograph if you insist!!
Ann was full of smiles when she arrived and it was great to meet her to. I bet she signed many a Sewing Bee book that afternoon! 

Thank you to all the Sewing Bee contestants for your kindness in allowing us to take your pictures and ask you for your 'autographs'!! You have inspired many a new sewing project across the country, I have no doubt:)

Lauren and Ayaz, all the very best with the new business- I'll be back!!!

My fabric souvenirs... 

I was so pleased with the fabric souvenirs that I was able to bring home. First, I bought this lovely floral print, 'Cream Chair' from the Seaside collection by Riley Blake. I'd love to use it with my new Colette pattern to make a pretty summer dress. I also bought a piece of brightly colored fabric from Amy Butler's Gypsy Caravan collection, hopefully to make a little gift for our (little!) niece. I also bought some much appreciated fabric chalk, colored headed pins  and some lilac and lemon thread. There is SO much that I want to make!! 


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