As I'm sure many of you will understand, I'm a lady who likes lists. Here begins a list of creative ventures to complete over the coming months:
1. Make the lovely Negroni by Colette, an intermediate pattern (ey up) for my dear Mr Holmes.
2. Make a lovely little outfit for our lovely little neice, a two peice set or a summer dress, yet to be decided or most probably, both... (I have the New Look 6796 up my sleeve...)
3. Learn how to make rouleaux straps and how to shear a tiny wee dress (inspired by the one and only GBSB)
4. Make something patchwork for our home. My husband bought me Cath Kidston's lovely 'Patch' book for my birthday last year and so far I've only attempted one project in the book. First stop, a double patchwork quilt for our bed.
5. Sew with friends. One of my favourite things about sewing is that it's such a wonderful thing to do as you chat. And with many talented, creative ladies in my life, I really do need to schedule some sewing dates soon.
6. Find and make up a lovely bag pattern (I love Anna's patterns at one of my favorite blogs, Noodlehead)
7. Make some number bean bags for our Godson and neice.
8. Bring some old furniture back to life! I love old furniture and would just love to renovate a piece or two for our home- a bookcase and a couple of wooden chairs being at the top of my list. Re-upholstering is on my list of things to learn how to make for the home and I think a simple chair cover would be a great place to start. 
9. Try my second Hazel dress by Colette. I love my first, but next time will add a couple of inches to the bottom so it reaches closer to my knees. I might try lining my next number to.
10. Make a fabric advent calendar in preparation for Christmas 2013!! (I know, this really is planning in advance!)
11. Try some knitting. I love the look of knit, and I can knit a little (a very little), but one day I will reach this item on my list. It's not right at the top as I'm a stitcher at heart, but it would be wonderful to develop my skills into woolen wear to.

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    Laura Holmes

    Hello and welcome to Duck-Egg Blue! I love to make things and I especially love to make things using a needle and thread. We have a craft room at home, which I spend far too little time in, but things are about to change. With the beginning of my new blog is the beginning of a sewing revival in my life. Sew (!), in a bid to increase my stitching productivity and to encourage others to likewise delight in this or other similar crafts, I hereby declare my Holmes made blog o p e n for public view!
    Here are a few of my ideas, slowly unraveling in my shiny, new, electronic notebook. Enjoy!

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