Whilst counting with some of the children at school last week, a thought popped in to my head; wouldn't it be fun to make some colourful counting resources myself, to help our little Godson and niece? Yes, I thought, it would! 

After picking out two fantastic car fabrics from Leons and searching through my drawers of scraps, I decided to stitch some denim numbers to each bag (The Village Haberdashery has a great tutorial for making number bags like this). I began by ironing some Bondaweb to my denim scraps (I love how the denim reminds me of little jeans!); tracing each number and then cutting them out. Next, I ironed these in to the centre of each 5 " square piece. 

I bought my number templates especially for the job and already have lots of ideas for how I can use them next! Watch this space...

Here are my numbers carefully zig-zag-ed to the front of each bag. I chose a mixture of colours for the felt backs- a bit because I wanted a fun mix for little B, and a bit because that's what I had left! 

After attaching my numbers I stitched the fronts to the backs, right sides together, leaving a little gap for stuffing on the bottom edge. I snipped the corners to reduce the bulk and then turned them through and pressed them flat. I used super bargain rice for my stuffing (40p per kg) and I even measured it out so that I had exactly the same amount in each bag (the law of straightness...); 100g per bag. Next, I made a make-shift funnel with a tube of cereal box to help fill the bags and then finished them off with a row of machine stitching along the bottom edge. The bags need a home so my final job will be to make two matching drawstring bags...here they come!

(The left set of colourful VW's are for Paige and the orange cars for Boaz. Now the hard work of learning to count can begin!)
27th June 2013
It's been far too long since my last post, but I've been plenty busy stitching away...(evidence to follow!)
Two more sets of number bean bags later, I'm moving on to pastures new. However, Pintrest has been providing plenty of educational-games-style ideas of late, so watch this space!!

Before I move on to my newest stitching adventures, here is one of the drawstring bags that I made for Boaz's number bags. These bags are super simple to make and take little fabric and time. They could be used for lots of different things around the home to: pump bags, toy sacks, P.E. kits...
I'd definitely recommend giving a drawstring bag a go- especially if you're new to sewing and still have plenty to learn.

06/04/2013 1:57am

These look amazing! The fabric is so bright and colourful I'm sure the kids will love them too.


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